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Sarah Holloway, author and coach

Sarah Holloway

Sarah Holloway is an expert in empowering pioneers & creatives.

 Communicator of God's heart through film, media & the creative arts - here to equip YOU to create an eternal impact, for such a time as this!

Be the Difference

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Who Am I?

"I began an awesome adventure with the Holy Spirit many years ago...

...there have been extreme highs and lows, and I have fought many giants along the way, but that's how God qualified me to help you! 

My skills have been used both in front and behind the camera with a varied repertoire across television and stage, both in the UK and internationally and as a best-selling author. This has meant working with numerous crew, actors, singers & musicians, artists, celebrities, volunteers & more. So I have a vast breadth of experience, which You can benefit from. But my walk with God behind the scenes has always been the most significant part of who I am.  

That's why I equip and empower Pioneers & Creatives like you, who are seeking to serve the Kingdom with their God-given gifts to navigate the pitfalls and be equipped for purpose. 

Join me so that I can help you bring the vision alive in your sphere of influence.

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A Little More...

My own Christian journey began with a deep hunger for God. Radically transformed from a background of trauma and abuse, I was then thrust into the limelight, with my first public speaking opportunity, where I performed and shared the gospel before the King & Queen of Sweden live on National Swedish television, at the young age of 20!  

Your Story matter too!

and empowering you on your journey is something that I excel at. 

I am a creative and a visionary, here on this temporary planet we call home, to communicate God’s heart.

That's why my own work often carries strong social messages. For example, the documentary film I directed & edited, LUCY: Breaking the Silence (2018), tackled the issue of young suicide and mental health and was screened in Parliament in addition to receiving several 'Best Documentary' awards.

Many moons ago, I also toured, as a member of the pop band Heartbeat, having gained recognition with ‘Tears from Heaven’ which made their way into the UK/US pop charts, where we proclaimed the name of Jesus across the airwaves. As we toured, ministering through music & dance, we experienced a move of the Spirit that brought thousands of young people to their faces before God, and we saw many lives transformed.

The impact of this time in my life has continued to create a passion in me to see pioneers, leaders and creatives, like you rise up in your anointing to be  the difference, 

for such a time as this.

If you'd like to know more about working with me, book a call 

Let's do this...

Communicate more than a story - bring the VISION ALIVE

Let's Work Together


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Discern The Time is not simply a collection of prophetic words but an unfolding of revelation as to the time we are in and how we are to be as His church in this new era.” 

Clive Urquhart (Senior Pastor, Kingdom Faith)

Anyone who has 'eyes and ears' knows that our world is radically changing. Scripture is prophetically lived out in front of us every day. That is what makes “Discern The Time” so crucial.

- Dan Chesney(Global Missionary)

Discern the time is a beautifully thought provoking book that gripped me from start to finish. Seeing Sarah's heart poured into words and in such a modern and current way is gripping.

- Emma Heath (Director of STAR Recovery)

Here are the reasons you can depend on Sarah Holloway to help you find clarity in your purpose and deepen your roots in Christ:

  • REPUTABLE – Sarah Holloway has been around over 30 years, a respected leader in her field and community.

  • EXPERIENCED – Sarah carries a weight of experience in many fields. Throughout her long career and ministry, she has carried an anointing that changes lives.

  • INTEGRITY – Building a reputation of integrity takes years. Sarah has built a solid reputation that has stood the test of time, in her unswerving faith to help others stand and overcome to be the difference. 

  • RESOURCES – We offer a wide variety of development and training programs built on timeless principles that get results.

  • CUSTOMIZABLE – All of our curriculum can be customized to specifically address your individual and organizational needs.

  • 100% SATISFACTION – We want you to be completely satisfied with our services. We aim to do what we can to make you happy. 



Together for the Kingdom

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What People Are Saying:

"Before starting this program, I was frustrated with how difficult my life situation made it to do what I was passionate about. Because of my work schedule at a job I don't particularly enjoy amongst other responsibilities and environmental factors, I never felt like I had the energy to commit time to writing or editing. Throughout this process, I've learned to spend less time on-screen, and more time doing what I am called to do. Preparing my fields to receive the rain when God sends it. Working with Sarah has been a blessing, as I was lacking a mentor in my life for a long time, and now I finally have one."



"When I joined the Transformational Experience for Christian Creatives I was at the end of my tether. I was procrastinating to such a degree that any creativity had gone out of the window as I was spending all my time meeting everyone else's needs above my own. I was disheartened and on the verge of giving up. I have become much more settled and secure in who I am in God. Much of the frenetic and chaotic nature of my life has gone, to be replaced with a much stronger sense of who I am and how much I matter to God.

Sarah is a great encourager, sensitive to the Holy Spirit and very prophetic."



"Sarah has been a tremendous support to me. She has shown me God’s Word through my challenging patches and guided me in his way. She is truthful, loving, and kind, and I highly recommend her coaching programme. Sarah encouraged me with God’s word when I was thinking negatively and falsely, which helped me to get back on the right path. My connection with God has improved with Sarah’s support."



"Today's session was awesome, really fruitful, and encouraging. Till a few days ago I was in confusion, but after meeting with you and praying, I can't explain my joy because God has given me a clear vision."


Creative Entrepreneur

"Had a big lump in my throat as I listened to Sarah. You have been an inspiration Sarah, more than words can say"



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