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Discern the Time is the must-read book for every Christian in this time 


Can You Hear the Call to be Positioned for Purpose?

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We are living in unprecedented times. People are facing more uncertainty than ever before. Everywhere voices are telling you what to do and which way to go. How do you know which voice to follow? There is a call going out from the throne room of Heaven - God is looking for those who are ready for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, but you need to be in position and know how to prepared for what's coming next!

This is an urgent message from the heart of God

Are you ready to DISCERN the TIME we are living in and be positioned for purpose?


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This book helps you DISCERN God’s voice in the midst of the noise.

Filled with engaging stories, biblical truths, and space to journal, you will uncover a journey of exploration that breathes life throughout its pages. Be prepared to be challenged, uplifted, and motivated to 'be the difference' :

  • DISCERN God’s voice in this time!
  • DISCOVER the call going out from Heaven
  • DECIDE your response to be aligned with God's purpose

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Discern the Time book and ebook

This book takes the high ground by sounding the trumpet.

God is on the move. Get prepared!

"Discern The Time is not simply a collection of prophetic words but an unfolding of revelation as to the time we are in and how we are to be as His church in this new era."

- Clive Urquhart, Senior Pastor Kingdom Faith Church

"Discern the time is a beautifully thought provoking book that gripped me from start to finish. Seeing Sarah's heart poured into words and in such a modern and current way is gripping."

- Emma Heath, Founder of Star Recovery

"Anyone who has 'eyes and ears' knows that our world is radically changing. Scripture is prophetically lived out in front of us every day. That is what makes “Discern The Time” so crucial."

- Dan Chesney Global Missionary

"What a blessing it has been to read this book full of prophetic insight. It has been exciting and a privilege to re-read the Bible quotes ‘sharper than a double edged sword’ effecting change in our nation and world if we only obey the call."

- Ruth Aldridge, Retired Social Worker

"I both enjoyed and was simultaneously challenged by what Sarah passionately shares. How we need to be awakened, to be ready and how we need to encourage one another in listening to HIS voice as HE guides us forward in radical faith. Let’s be positioned for purpose!"

- Rev. Ashley Stansfield, Baptist Minister/Evangelist

"Discern the Time” is a very timely word, much needed in the body of Christ today. It is a clarion call to hear the Word of the Lord, and the summons/calling/wooing of the Holy Spirit, both biblically and prophetically and to find your place within the new thing God is doing."

- Kate Discombe, Prophetic Artist

Sarah Holloway @Sarahmediafilm

About the Author

Sarah Holloway is a communicator with a wealth of experience sharing God’s heart across stage, television, media and the arts. In September 2022 Sarah felt a powerful call to stop everything in its tracks to focus solely on writing down the message God placed on her heart to communicate to the Church. 

Sarah was thrust into the limelight aged 20 to be a voice to the nations, she witnessed a revivalist move of the Holy Spirit during her early ministry that brought thousands to God and transformed lives. Sarah is a multi-award-winning director of documentary film and has worked across an expansive range of specialisms as a film-maker, dancer, choreographer, director of theatre, teacher, coach, author, and public speaker. Sarah helps equip Christians, especially creatives, to step into their purpose, for such a time as this!

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